Best Twin Sleep Gear for 2016

Parents of twins know that they don’t do twice the work of normal parents, they do four times the work!  They also know that buying two of everything, even buying in bulk, doesn’t begin to solve all their logistical problems. Anything that cuts down on time and toil is a Godsend to the parents of multiples. Here is a sample of what I consider to be the best twin sleep gear available. These make great baby shower presents too (hint, hint)

Best Twin Sleep Gear

As soon as they come home, the twins will need somewhere to sleep. As they get older, they’ll need a safe place to play. This first product combines the two.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet


Graco makes great stuff. I’ve always loved their strollers. Now they come out with a terrific combination twin bassinet and play yard that has the same sturdy design as their line of strollers. Early models of the Graco play yards were nearly impossible to  set up. It was like playing Twister in a sleep-deprived state. But they’ve solved these design flaws. The result is a beautiful and functional design. It’s also easy to clean – a major bonus!

Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet.

The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet began with a mother and father’s need for a safe sleeping environment for their baby. They, like many parents, had rediscovered the benefits of co-sleeping with their infants—increased bonding, ease of feeding and a greater sense of closeness. But they were concerned modern beds weren’t appropriate for a baby’s space. They solved this problem by placing the child at the side of the bed, within arm’s reach. Their result is a wonderful series of bassinets that provide best twin sleep, close to their parents during the important early months of development. Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed, the Co-Sleeper Bassinet promotes bonding and enables parents better sleep and provides the best twin sleep possible.

Premium 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet – Diaper Bag & Portable Changing station, Easily Convertible

Have you ever had the experience of seeing a product so cool, so innovative, so overall fantastic that you say “Gee, I wish I had thought of that!!!” This 3-in-1 had that effect on me. Easily convertible from bag into travel bassinet for babies and into a portable changing station. You will love using it on a family beach trip, going to the park, visiting Grandma’s and anywhere.


Here’s what one happy customer had to say:

This is a really cool product. Some of these baby things seem too good to be true but this one really is what it promises. We have a 2 month old baby and my hands are constantly full with her and all of her stuff. It’s great to have a clean safe place to lay her down anywhere I go and I don’t need any extra hands to carry it. It’s even easier to fold into a diaper bag than I could have imagined; It literally folds in a seconds. And it’s so easy to clean. This would be great for traveling, especially camping. I wish I had this when my older child was a baby as we had to haul a giant pack and play around with us when we could have just brought this smart nursery bag!
It’s perfect for when visiting friends and family members who don’t have baby gear. My little one can and will take a nap anywhere at any time and this best twin sleep napper gives her a secure place to do it.

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat

If ever there were a “niche” product idea, this was it: a twin jogging stroller. Whether you’re looking for a travel system, a pram, a double stroller, a triple, or just a single, the City Select could be the only stroller you’ll ever need. The most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two. I suspect that you may not be able to achieve actual jogging speed with this thing, but you will certainly get a workout. The wheels are best for paved terrain, and I would be careful going up and down kerbs. The remainder of the design, however, is sturdy and light enough for an average mortal to handle!

Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Carrier, Twingaroo

We’ve saved the best for last. I love all of Stuff 4 Multiples gear, but this is their signature product and they are justifiably proud of it. Its unique design distributes the weight of your babies and diaper bag contents evenly. It’s the only twin carrier on the market that offers you a complete hands-free experience.

I’m not alone in my praise of the Twingaroo. Here’s what another happy customer said:

I absolutely LOVE my Twingaroo ! The weight distribution is AMAZING and you actually feel nothing, even when carrying both babies ! I like that the front panel can be flipped into the belt pocket, so that when you only carry one child, you don’t have to deal with extra fabric coming out of nowhere ! And the backpack is SO big and useful ! I really loved that, unlike other carrier of the same type (that I tried before getting my Twingaroo), it adjust perfectly to everybody ! My men, my grandma, my aunt and me (we all are from very different body type) have all been able to adjust it perfectly!


7 Things Your Baby Will Need to Come Home With

We’ve talked about things you’ll need to bring to the hospital with you when you have a baby. Here we discuss things your baby will need when she comes home.  I’m sticking to what I consider the bare essentials, because the truth is the baby doesn’t need very much besides you!

A car seat

Most “things your baby will need” lists leave the car seat off altogether. That’s a mistake.  If you’re having the baby in a hospital, you have to bring in an approved, rear-facing car seat or they won’t let you take the baby home!  I recommend the kind that has a base that remains attached to the back seat of the car.  Trust me, you’ll use many fewer swear words installing it if you do!


Lots of them. But don’t go crazy.  She won’t be in newborn size for very long: A couple weeks at the most. You could go through about 50 of these per week, especially in the first week, especially while you’re trying to figure out how to put them on (though they’re “self-contained and fairly explanatory“)


Baby clothes

things your baby will needDon’t go crazy on these either. She’ll need about 8 shirts and bottoms to go with it. It’s just that, well you know, newborns get their clothes dirty a lot, so these are more things your baby will need!  I say “bottoms” instead of “pants”, because though your baby probably has legs, she won’t be using them to get around with for a while. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense for you to stress about getting a newborn’s leg into a pant.  First time you try it you’ll see what I mean. You’ll want to wash her clothes in something gentle.  I like Dreft.

Avoid things with snaps. Why do so many baby outfits have so many snaps? There is no possible way to snap them up correctly when there are as few as three snaps: why do outfits have to have 15 snaps?

Avoid sleep wear that has textured bottoms on the feet. They’re just silly. YOUR BABY CAN’T FREAKING WALK YET!!!

A bassinet or “Moses Basket”

Since this blog is focused on baby sleep, you’d think I’d put this first. But the truth is your baby will fall asleep in the car seat before she ever sees her bassinet.things your baby will need

I prefer bassinets to co-sleepers. They’re much less hassle and just as easy to transfer the baby to. I definitely prefer the bassinet to her sleeping in bed with you (a topic for another post)!

Things your baby will need: a sleep sack!

For sleep these are the best.  The kinds with velcro, as shown here, double as swaddlers as well as sleep wear!  Remember the baby has legs and feet but she really just does not have to use them for a couple months. Rather than repeat my pet peeve about snaps, here’s a good word for the zipper: Zippers are great. Zippers are awesome. Zippers are way better than buttons, which are almost as bad as snaps.things your baby will need

Avoid sleep wear that has textured bottoms on the feet. They’re just silly. YOUR BABY CAN’T FREAKING WALK YET!!!

Sleep sacks are warm, they’re comfortable, and they’re effortless to put on. When you’re exhausted you’ll appreciate them so much more.

A baby bath

Pro Tip: when you bathe a boy, you’ll need to place a wash cloth over his “nether regions”. Think about it…

Now, truthfully this isn’t something your baby will need, necessarily.  It’s perfectly okay to bathe the baby in the sink. It’s just sloppy.  There’s all that splashing. And some sinks just can’t accommodate a baby and water and your hands.things your baby will need

To go along with the bath she’ll need her own wash cloths. Pro Tip: when you bathe a boy, you’ll need to place a wash cloth over his “nether regions”. Think about it for about 10 seconds and you’ll figure it out if you haven’t already. To bathe, you’ll need only Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  This stuff is the best.  You can wash baby’s hair and body, and if you get it her eyes it doesn’t sting! It’s like a miracle substance! I bathed both my boys exclusively in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for the first two years of their respective lives.

A breast pump

things your baby will need
this is not a breast pump

This one is obviously for your breast feeding moms. If you plan to breastfeed exclusively, this isn’t necessarily one of the things your baby will need when she comes home from the hospital. But it’s a good thing to have for a couple reasons: If, like a lot of new moms, you get breast engorgement in the first few days after birth, this device can be a life-saver. Sure, you can manually express breast milk, but I find that the devices do a better job.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the electric types with all the fancy bells and whistles. A simple, mechanical pump will do nicely. Also, if you will be storing milk for whatever reason, you’ll need 4-ounce bottles and nipples to go with the pump. Breast milk freezes great. You can store frozen breast milk for up to 9 months.