About Me – Testimonials

I’m just like you. I once brought home beautiful, healthy (hungry!) baby boy and started the strange and wonderful world of parenthood. Here’s a short story about me.


About Me

Very soon after, sleep-deprivation set in. This boy Would. Not. Sleep. All he did was eat, poop, calm very briefly and then wake up in half an hour, sometimes hungry, sometimes not. I was lucky, I got to go to work every day so I could relax (not nap, but relax). My wife was not so lucky. She didn’t even have time to eat, dress, or sometimes even go to the bathroom without baby boy attached to her. And forget a proper shower!

At night we took turns getting up to change him and get him ready for breast-feeding. None of the three of us slept. This went on for about three months.

The situation became extremely stressful. We loved this baby, but we were NOT enjoying parenthood. Something didn’t seem right. We were supposed to be enjoying the best time of our lives – our new lives with our baby! But instead we were irritable, grouchy, and we snapped at each other a lot.

The solution was clear – solve this baby’s sleep problem or something dire and terrible would surely happen – at least that’s what we feared.

We tried everything.


We bought books. We looked on the internet. We joined Facebook groups. We would try anything that seemed like a good idea to us.

We tried what we thought was the “Ferber Method” (without actually reading Ferber, see further on in this book!) We tried the “No Cry Method”. This too didn’t seem to fit. We tried with the pacifier, without the pacifier. We tried white noise machines. Everything seemed to work for exactly 48 hours and then we were back to square one: screaming bloody murder from 11PM to 3 AM. Every. Single. Day.

We dragged ourselves to the pediatrician at four months, both having lost a ton of weight and ragged from stress. The pediatrician pronounced baby boy strappingly healthy (he was almost 17 lbs at four months!) and sent us on our way.

The Solution

Finally, we figured it out. As I’m going to explain in this blog and in my instructional materials, there is a scientifically-based, logical formula (no pun intended) for getting a baby to sleep, but we didn’t figure it out from books or groups. We figured it out from brute-force trial and error, mostly error. Were we just lucky, or had we hit on some magic formula?

I wouldn’t say it was entirely magic. It turns out that there is a sound basis for what I’m going to teach you. I went on to advise hundreds of parents over 15 years, who had sleep problems with their own babies. Every parent-baby pair was different, but the basic issues were the same: I have now distilled everything I’ve learned from my personal experience and the experience of the families I advised and I’m ready to pass this knowledge on to you.

I’ve helped hundreds of parents solve their baby’s sleep problems over 15 years.  I’m confident I can help you as well!

I hope it works. If not, please first see your pediatrician and investigate if there may be a medical reason why your baby won’t sleep.

If it turns out your baby is like our first, and just won’t sleep, you may benefit from this method. If not, you may have a more complicated sleep problem. I can help you with more complex problems as well, but that is a subject for a future course or counseling session.



What People are Saying about “Sleep, Baby!”

Parenting is such a change of life and such hard work that being a good mom on its own was challenging – without the sleep deprivation thrown in on top of it. When my son “T” wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour or two in a row at night, we became exhausted. My husband and I took turns trying to console him. We tried changing his diet (to anything anyone suggested), rocking, pacifiers, baby sleep holders, music … nothing worked. It was distressing to go without sleep night after night.
Rob’s knowledge and kindness was a god-send. His interest in and focus on us, where we were, and what we needed, was truly a gift. Working with Rob made our lives better, and we recommend him, his common sense, his method, and his skill, without reservation — Kirsten J.

Rob, thank you SO much for all your help with M… we were literally at wits end. I was sure there was something seriously wrong with him when he kept waking up every 1 1/2 two hours for weeks on end!!! Both my husband and myself were relieved that what was going on was normal and was so easy to fix — Tammy R

My friend told me her baby slept through the night from the day she brought her home from the hospital. I felt like a failure as a mother but I couldn’t tell anybody because I was ashamed.  Rob was so patient and kind to me and made me feel like a good mother. Baby L is sleeping like a champ now.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am — Amy C

You know how you think you’ve got this ‘parenting thing’ figured out and you’re feeling pretty good about life and then WHAM, your 9-month old throws you this wicked curve ball and then you’re back thinking you’re going crazy and the rest of the world thinks you may be right? Well, that’s where I was with my little peanut when he stopped napping then was a screaming mess by 6:30. I was pretty sure something was messed up and it was all my fault. We couldn’t find any information on line that was any good so my girlfriend told me about Rob who had helped her with her son when he was going through a growth spurt or something. Anyway… to make a long story short, Rob was SOOOO kind to us and he explained what was going on and it took about two weeks but L is more or less back to normal and I feel like I can breathe again — Shane M.